Rubiera, 2009


Winner of the August Sander Award 2018

The first award winner has been announced
Die Photographische Sammlung/ SK Stiftung Kultur is pleased to announce that Francesco Neri has been selected as winner of the first August Sander Award, donated by Ulla Bartenbach and Prof. Dr. Kurt Bartenbach. The name of the award which will be presented every two years, refers, as many people know, to the important photographer August Sander (1876–1964). The August Sander Archive, and with it the photographer’s estate, has been part of Die Photographische Sammlung/SK Stiftung Kultur since 1992. The award aims to foster young, contemporary artistic approaches to objective and conceptual photography, with a special emphasis on portraying people. The first call for entries for this new award met with a resounding response, with over 160 submissions received from both Germany and abroad.
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