Porto Tolle, 2019


Porto Tolle, Hartmann Books

9 - 12 November 2023 Grand Palais Ephémère, Paris Photo


When you meet a person, you get a glimmer of possibilities, a passing combination of gestures, attitudes, glances (…) I’m interested in seeing how the dimension of the world changes when there is a person occupying the space, when there is a person defining it.(Francesco Neri)
Every part of the image is important. The background, too.There is always something behind a character. The background itself can be evocative. It can also be an element of study. Whether a man is photographed leaning almost identically against a fence or a wall, his gaze is elsewhere. Only the camera follows its movement. These photographs were taken with a large-format camera in Porto Tolle, at the very eastern end of the River Po Delta, during a few trips for another commission. Using a camera of this type requires the use of a tripod. You have to stop if you want to avoid greater blur. You have to position yourself to be able to see clearly. This precision of technique is reflected in the calm and carefully composed images.

Jean Paul Deridder, 2023


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