Wooden Tool Shed Portfolio


Wooden Tool Shed, Imagebeeld Edition

January 2024


Francesco Neri has produced a large number of portraits of the women and men who have worked the land all their lives. They live the land, know it, respect it, help it, and accompany it in its upheavals. From time to time, his camera changes focus to depict the environment of these farmers: orchards, cultivated fields, machines, tools, and barns. The Wooden Tool Shed portfolio brings together images showing the temporary changes seen in one such barn. Architecture Without Architectes, these small structures are most often handmade constructions, built from nails, reusable boards, and even recycled sheet metal. They are erected without a pre-established design and generally result from a number of interventions. Time adds its own mark. The wear and tear of these shelters occurs almost organically depending on their durability, and their changing functions. Frequently far from the farms themselves, these unpretentious containers, windowless houses, or simple geometric volumes punctuate the rural landscape.

Jean-Paul Deridder
January 2024

The portfolio Wooden Tool Shed is on view at Large Glass
from 19 January – 16 March, 2024


Published by Imagebeeld Edition

8 Gelatin silver contact prints and a book

Printed by the artist
Signed and numbered on verso
20 x 25,1 cm / 35,5 x 43 cm


Images by Francesco Neri
Text by David Campany
Signed and numbered
23 x 27,8 cm, 48p., 29 ill.

Cloth box, screen printed
37,6 x 45,4 x 5,7 cm


10 (+ 2 APs)